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// My Loss of Love//

Why is love so hard and why loving the wrong person can be so easy?

 This I cannot understand or even try to explain.  All I can say is that the heart wants, what the heart wants. Love carries magnificence and wonderful emotions, but also brings heartache and pain. When you fall in love and fall hard you have to bear all the consequences both good and bad.  I found but quickly lost my best friend, and my soul mate. I thought I was ready for the aftermath, but it became something that I could barely get through. Now I sit here trying to justify everything that has happened, but I cant. I have no regrets, only memories from the past for we are all now forever changed. The effect is much greater than the sum of the events, but love brings consequences and it is my time to endure the pain.  It’s time for me to move on and come to peace with my feelings. It’s time for me to walk away and not turn back. He is and will forever be my past.  I fell in love and so did she, he wanted her, and not me, a realization so hard to grasp. 

// Motivation//

There is a great path that lies ahead for everyone, but where lies struggle is the journey.  Finding the right path is based on the choices we make and the people we meet. For it is that one moment in life or the one person we meet that will change our lives forever. The journey is not meant to be easy neither to be stopped short. The fight is continuous, but the glory is eternal. Opportunity is endless and experience is momentous.  We, as achievers, must seek the opportunities and cherish the moments for they are the defining experiences of our lives…

I have just begun the journey of discovering my path and the starting line is repetitive. The one thing I have learned, though, is that strengths lie within our hearts and weaknesses lie within individual perception.  We are our own fact, as well as, our own fiction. We are the key to our success and the driver of our happiness. It is whether or not we believe that our talents and true passions will conquer the height of our disappointments. 

Life’s goals are not about the power or knowledge, but about the drive and endurance. Achievement is about fighting through the failures and continuing the drive. We are meant to hear the “no’s” so we can hear the “yes.’” Experiences happen for a reason and though it may take a while to know that reason, we live to have those life changing occurrences.

So, hold onto that tiny thread and pull harder each day for greatness. The more you reach and the harder you pull, the closer you are not to an end, but to a new beginning.

It is never too late for chance. Beat your luck, and prove that endless determination leads your journey.

-A. McCabe

// The Kiss of Perfection: Bold Red Lips//

Beauty Post

image           Photography: Alex Caley

                      This spring’s most anticipated beauty trend belongs on your lips. Striking red lips is the eternal make up staple that will make the finest of statements with just your lips alone. It is this seductive yet chic color of vibrant red that will give you that finishing touch of confidence with every look. Bold, matte lips accentuates your femininity by enhancing your natural features and mysteriously, dramatizing your passionate sensuality.  Red symbolizes passion and strength and will instantly attract attention to your sensational beauty. This color will make you stand out and give you the self-assurance you have always wanted when you walk into a room.           

            So here is the perfect way to wear that red lipstick and let your kissable lips demand attention.  First, make sure your lips are moisturized by frequently applying lip balm to keep your lips soft and smooth.  Dry, cracked lips will absolutely ruin your overall look.

            Next, choose the proper color that enhances your natural features and also matches your skin tone. If you are fair-skinned, go for a red with a more pinkish undertone. If your complexion is more olive, go for the true red colors for it will be the perfect shade to compliment the rest of your face. If you have a darker complexion then use a more burgundy-red with warmer undertones.

            The last tip to remember is to keep the rest of your face very subtle.  Red lips stand out best when the rest of the face is lighter with just a hint of color. The best way to achieve a natural yet sexy look is to let the lips be the center point. Apply a light-colored eye shadow with lengthening mascara  and a soft touch of pink blush to the face. Stay away from eyeliner or anything too dark and heavy around the eyes.

            Don’t be afraid to let your lips do the talking this season, for others will be talking about you.

// The Bachelor’s Sean and Catherine and The Show’s Devoted Viewers//

Celebrity News Post


      Sean Lowe proposed to Catherine Giudici, the goofy, 26-year-old graphic designer. “I think the world of you and I miss you every time we have to say goodbye. I don’t want to say goodbye anymore. Catherine, I want to spend the rest of my life telling you, ‘I love you,’ and making you feel like the most special, beautiful woman in the world.” These are the words that melted our hearts as Sean got on one knee and proposed to Catherine. “Is this for real?” she asked. “I’m so happy. I am so grateful to have met somebody like you. I’ve never been so comfortable about myself and with somebody.” Her genuine response reminded all of us viewers that throughout the over dramatized episodes and heartbreaks, two people can still find love on a television show.

      As faithful viewers, we are entertained by the reality soap opera and  are heart-broken  when our favorite women go home. But to what extent do we believe that people can fall in love after only 6 weeks? This is the one question that we will never really be able to answer unless we are handed a famous red rose. But as viewers, we save our Monday nights to cuddle up on the couch and dare to be hopeless romantics for the chance we find love ourselves. It is the reason why so many of us are attracted to the show. It brings us a little closer to the meaning of fate and the belief of destiny between two people.

      So, yes the premises may be a bit absurd and disturbingly ridiculous. But amidst the OVERLY DRAMATIC episodes and heartbreaks, women find comfort in watching people fall in love. We watch the show because as women, we are able to empathize with the vulnerability that comes with opening our hearts to another. It reminds us of the many times we fell in and out of love and the endless emotions that rushed through our bodies. For the younger generation who are still looking for love, it makes us believe that there is a soul mate waiting for everyone. Each of our soul mates may have to date twenty-five women, but dating those women will ultimately lead him to his one and only. For those who are already married or who have found love, it reminds them of why they fell in love with the person of their dreams. They are reminded of the memories of falling in love and the moments they hold dear to their hearts forever.

      The Bachelor shows us that the sky is the limit when falling in love and that there is no “right” way to fall. We, as viewers, live vicariously through each date and rose ceremony as if we are standing there waiting to hear our names. It becomes our own version of a romantic comedy that we replay each week.

       So to all the nights we devoted to watching The Bachelor this season, Sean and Catherine couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Two genuinely good-hearted people who started a beautiful friendship that quickly developed to a promising engagement. The finale reassured our hearts that being in love and being told you’re loved  are some of the greatest gifts in life.

// The Feeling Behind The Fashion //

Fashion News Post

         Fashion and style is all about a feeling. It is the feeling of self-confidence and beauty you get when you try on different clothes. Those feelings inspire people everyday in ways they don’t even realize.  Fashion is about connecting an emotion to a dream and recreating it each time you put on a certain item. Fashion allows you to accept the differences among society and design the person you want to be as an individual.

     As an individual, you define the fashions you wear everyday. A certain choice of style shouldn’t define who you are. Race, age, gender, weight, height, or sexuality shouldn’t affect how a person defines style or even other people. Fashion gives people the chance to be diverse in who they are and not be a single stereotype. It allows you to be someone different everyday. In a society that is so focused on idealized and unrealistic beauty, it is hard to accept personal imperfections and differences as gifts. The choice of style helps people embrace a sense of individual freedom.

     Style is unique to each person and each person defines for themselves by the choices they make every day. Fashion and clothes complement inner style and self. You create the outward beauty by your personality and talents and fashion accompanies you by enhancing your personal characteristics. The individuality of each person is what creates a unique world of fashion. It drives designers to become innovative in their ideas. Fashion helps shine the inner perfection of style that resides within each person everyday.

     Fashion is all about you and it starts with you. It is about a feeling you should get when you put on a shirt or dress. It is that self-confidence that should build within you with every item you put on for the day. Every moment deserves a touch of a person’s style and personality. Whether it is in fashion or anything else, let yourself be your inspiration. Your unique individual style is what is going to bring you to those places in life that you strive to reach. You will achieve your goals by embracing the person you are inside and out. So be the designer of yourself and innovate the way you want to live.

// "Warm Weather Leather"//

Style Focused Gallery


       Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu Spring 2013, Images: IMAXtree

One of this season’s fashion favorites is the make over of luxurious leather to be “warm-weather leather.” With dramatic colors, feminine cuts and lighter weights, the addition of a touch of leather to your outfits will give the bit of edge you have always wanted.  We saw designers; including Fendi, Valentino, Marni, Salvatore Ferragamo, and many more, feature the different spring styles of leather on their runways.  Though the luxurious material seems impractical for the weather, designers have created a new perfected style that can be flirty and fun yet sophisticated and stylish for the spring. The different styles of leather in shorts, shirts, dresses and blazers have made these soft and bold pieces more intriguing than ever. So if you didn’t invest in a leather piece last season, now is the time to get to it.  

          Mastering the leather look is all about pairing its hardness and edginess with a light womanly touch.  To ease into the “warm weather leather,” try lighter colors such as beige and nude.  If you are ready to jump in, add a piece of colored leather to your wardrobe like a blue leather pencil skirt or emerald green leather dress. Mix it up and try all the unique leather combinations, below, to give you that sexy and classy look.

Look Number One:  Leather Shorts

          Do this don’t, and let a pair of leather shorts be denim’s alternative this spring! A soft and flirty blouse paired with black leather shorts and heels is a perfect outfit for a night out with the girls. To keep it more casual, pair black leather shorts with a casual t-shirt and flats.  Blazers, button-ups, and tucked-in oversized plaids paired with a leather short are also a perfect combination for a stylish leather look.       


 Shorts: Glamorous Leather Look Shorts at ASOS, $40.69

Look Number Two: Leather Skirts

          The leather skirt is probably the most versatile leather piece and can create many different looks. Choose a leather pencil skirt with a sophisticated blouse and pumps for a day at the office. Try a more flowy leather skirt with a simple tank and a piece of jewelry for a more flirty look.


skirt: Alice + Olivia Pleated Leather Skirt, $495

Look Number Three: The leather shirt

Replace your simple tanks with a light weight leather top. This Trina Turk nude, leather peplum top paired with white skinny jeans and flats would be perfect for a day out in the city. To dress it up, you can replace it with a pair of wedges and some fun jewelry. 


Top: Trina Turk Drapey Leather Taiyana Peplum Tank in Nude, $398

 Look Number Four: The Leather Dress

          The leather dress is a major trend this season, but can be a challenge to stylishly pull off. The trick to the leather dress is to keep it simple and to not over accessorize. If a black leather dress looks too harsh, try a more subtle color to soften up the look. Pair the leather dress with a classic  pump and cuff bracelet to give you the complete chic look. 


Dress: Milly Saxon Leather Dress, $750

         Don’t be afraid of the edginess of leather. A touch of leather to your wardrobe can be the little essence of high-end style that will set you apart from the rest. So don’t pack up your leather pieces quite yet and let the “warm weather leather” be your “go to” look this season.


// The Broadway Culture 2013//

Culture Post

      As a performer myself, I have been introduced into the exciting and unknown world of Broadway. When I think of Broadway, I become a part of something amazing with every show and  performance. The shows create a feeling that moves an audience and inspires its viewers to change their lives. The lyrics in songs and famous dialogues open audiences’ hearts to powerful and beautiful stories.  As a Broadway season progresses, I am able to witness a fantastic variety of shows and musicals that leave me eagerly wanting to become a part of the culture of theatrics. 

     With Broadway’s running classics like The Lion King, Jersey Boys, and Wicked, showbiz always promises something even bigger and better. Being devoted to following the top musicals, here are five spectacular Broadway shows to watch out for in 2013.

     Kinky Boots, based on the 2005 British comedy, features newcomer Cyndi Lauper and Broadway veteran Harvey Fierstein. Inspired by a true story, the show tells the story of a shoemaker who proposes the idea of promoting fetish footwear for drag queens as a means of saving his family business. Directed by Jerry Mitchell, known for Legally Blonde the Musical, the production features both Stark Sands (American Idiot) and Billy Porter (Dreamgirls). 

     Sheryl Crow is also making her Broadway debut in the new musical, Diner, this year. Based off of Barry Levinson’s 1982 movie, it is about six high school friends who reunite at a Baltimore diner during Christmas of 1959. The musical is directed and choreographed by Tony Award winner Kathleen Marshall.

     Hands on a Hard Body, starring Keith Carradine and Hunter Foster, is based off a 1997 documentary about a group of ten Texans who compete in a test to win a hard body truck. The musical follows the endurance test of who can keep at least one hand on the vehicle for the longest period of time in the smoldering heat. The music is by Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green and the book is by Doug Wright (Grey Gardens).  

     Motown The Musical records the life of Berry Gordy, the music phenomenon who launched the famous careers of superstars including Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson. Celebrating a popular American brand of music, Motown The Musical’s leading man is played by Brandon Victor Dixon.

     Finally, the last scheduled new musical for the Broadway season so far, is the highly anticipated British import Matilda. Created by Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company, the story features a daring young girl who gets the better of her unpleasant parents and a vicious principal with her magical powers and a brilliant imagination. Based on the children’s novel by Roald Dahl, the music and lyrics are done by Australian musician and comedian Tim Minchin and book by Dennis Kelly. The production is directed by Matthew Warchus (God of Carnage). 

// Story Pitches//

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(2): The Celebrities Playlist: The celebrities music playlist for every mood and occasion. The music they listen to when they go for a day at the beach, a girls night out, a heartbreak, or a workout at the gym.

(3): Music Festival Fashion: With summer quickly approaching, music festivals are on the horizon. Here are the must-have outfits to look unique and stylish while still feeling comfortable in the outdoors.

(4): Summer Dates: The outfits for any and every type of date this summer. From a day at the beach to a romantic dinner on a boat, these are the variety ready-to-wear outfits perfect for each different occasion. 

(5): Shop the Star’s Closets: All the affordable clothes in celebrities closets that are the must-havs this summer. The places to shop to get the personal style of that celebrity. 

I am most interested in working on the Stylecastor media property. I think my talents would best be suited in either the celebrity or fashion feature.